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Delicious sushi and tasty sake.

​About Sainosushi


Atsushi Saito, who served as the head chef at Sushi Sakai in Saitama, will now be the owner and chef of a new restaurant near the east exit of Omiya Station. Faithful to the basics of Edomae sushi, our motto is to make even the most common ingredients delicious. If you're longing for delicious sushi, we aim to satisfy that desire.



Our restaurant operates on a referral system. We ask for introductions from our existing customers or from our sister stores. Even with a referral, there may be cases where we decline entry.


We hope to provide a comfortable space for everyone.


"We want you to enjoy delicious sushi." We have feelings that can only be conveyed here.

There are things available everywhere, but here, they are a bit special.


"Omakase" course: 15,000 yen (including tax)


Alternatively, please let us know your preferences.

We will accommodate as much as possible.

We value not only the delicious nigiri, but also the time that passes between us and our customers.
We offer a selection of wine, sake, and high-quality soft drinks to complement our cuisine.
From those who drink alcoholic beverages to those who do not, you can enjoy them to the fullest.
There are 8 seats at the counter and one
private room.

The time we share with you is our value.

Sai no suhsi

1-32-1F Miya Chou,
Omiya Ward
Saitama City,
Saitama Prefecture,


(3 minutes walk from Omiya Station East Exit)

​Closed on Mondays and Thursdays


TEL: 048-783-3887

​Introduction required for reservation

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